Brief Introduction

As the lightest engineering structural metallic materials, Magnesium and its alloys are becoming increasingly attractive particularly in transportation, electronics, and aerospace industries due to their desirable properties, such as low density, good damping capacity, high specific strength and stiffness, electromagnetic shielding, and excellent recyclability.

In the past years, the annual output of magnesium has increased remarkably in China. However, more extensive application has not yet commenced due to the high cost of sheets and profiles of magnesium alloys and their unsatisfactory properties. The research and development on high-performance wrought magnesium alloys and processing technologies are needed to extend the applications of magnesium. Therefore, a special academic organization is urgently necessary for strengthening the communication between research and industrialization in the magnesium field.

In the background, Chinese Committee for Magnesium and its Application (CCMA) belonging to Chinese Materials Research Society were approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China and formally founded in October of 2011. As a country-class magnesium academic organization, CCMA’ members consist of universities, institutes, and enterprises including primary producers of the metal, fabricators, end-users and suppliers. The mission of CCMA is to promote the research and development of magnesium alloys and processing technologies as well as encourage the innovative applications of magnesium alloys through the intimate cooperation between scientific research institutes and enterprises. CCMA is able to serve the industry and the membership through magnesium conference, seminars, statistical programs and publications. At the same time, CCMA plans to build high-level research platforms for providing technological support for the sustainable development of magnesium industry in China.