Vice president of Boeing company visited CCMG
CCMG Jun 12, 2012
    Vice president of research and technology of Boeing (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Dr. Wu Dongyang paid a visit to CCMG and discussed cooperation in the afternoon of May 30, 2012. Director of CCMG Prof. Pan Fusheng, Deputy Director Prof. Zhang Dingfei and Prof. Nie Jianfeng met with visiting guests in the Center conference room. During the symposium, Prof. Zhang Dingfei introduced the latest achievements of research and product development of magnesium alloy as well as the implementation progress of pre-R & D projects of Boeing assumed by CCMG. Prof. Pan Fusheng introduced the development trend of the world magnesium alloy research and industrialization and the development goals and planning of CCMG. Dr. Wu Dongyang said, Boeing (China) Investment Co., Ltd., paid a great attention to the R & D of CCMG in the field of magnesium alloy. He hoped the two sides will expand and deepen the development of the application technology of magnesium alloy. After the meeting, Dr. Wu Dongyang visited the exhibition room of CCMG accompanied by Director Pan Fusheng.