Associate Dean of NIAT visited CCMG to carried out collaborative research
CCMG Aug 17, 2012
    The Associate Dean of NIAT Prof. Pashtoon Krakow B.П, Prof. Mats Kamenev BH and Prof. Manchester Rickman MM visited to CCMG and took a seven-day visit on research cooperation, academic exchanges and cooperation on 12-18 June 2012.
    Director of CCMG Prof. Pan Fusheng, Deputy Director Prof. Zhang Dingfei, Prof. Peng Jian, Prof. Jiang Bin, Prof. Zhang Jing and Russian experts carried out cooperative research and academic exchanges.
    Russian experts and experts of CCMG summarized the previous work and achievement of magnesium alloy welding, magnesium alloy casting as well as magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy ultra-wide plate and discussed the cooperation programs, the content of cooperation and process route. They visited the exhibition room of CCMG, analysis testing center and test workshop. The two sides reviewed the cooperation and exchanges in the field of magnesium alloy in recent years and satisfied with the previous cooperative achievements. Prof. Pan Fusheng introduced the progress of research and achievements of industrialization of CCMG in recent years. He hoped that the both sides should continue to expand cooperation and exchanges on Magnesium alloy welding technology and equipment, the development of new magnesium alloy material, information and data sharing. Prof. Pashtoon Primakov B.П, Prof. Mats Kamenev BH and Prof. Manchester Rickman MM made presentations about their respective research fields, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with researchers and graduate students of CCMG.
    Based on full discussion and exchanges, the two sides signed several cooperation agreements such as ‘cooperation agreement of preparation and processing technology of advanced light metal’, which laid the foundation for future cooperation.